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Professional SOPRANO, Singing Tutor and Vocal Coach

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An opera singer espousing the Bel Canto technique with more than 20 years experience herself, Margo teaches singing to a wide variety of singers of all ages (7-70+!), and experience, from total beginners to full time professionals and in musical genres ranging from Classical and Musical Theatre through Soul and R&B to Folk and even Rap! She believes that no matter what her pupils aspirations are whether just singing for their own pleasure, to join a choir, to improve their range or build their confidence, to prepare for exams or theatre school auditions or to keep their already professional skills honed, all vocal projection requires the same solid foundations to work from. "If you compare singing to a tree, we all need the same strong roots and solid are then free to explore whichever branches your taste chooses to take you....whether, like an opera singer, you need every branch, twig and bud to fill an auditorium without the aid of amplification or prefer to use less."

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